I worked many years as a finely detailed digital illustrator, contracting with agencies, product manufacturers and many different clients, always looking for a way to make beautiful art that affects our daily lives.

This idea of permanence and experience gave my work a deeper purpose, to transform whole places, to fill people spaces with thoughtful, inspiring, lasting works of art.

I have created many large-scale works of art, public art for museums, schools, and businesses and have produced live art murals for major industry conferences and special events.

I take pride in running my business with professionalism: meeting deadlines, collaborating with clients, understanding branding and messaging, and designing with purpose for place and people.



I am based in Chicago, maintaining a studio in the Glenwood Avenue Arts District in the Rogers Park Neighborhood. My exterior surroundings are layered with murals, graffiti, a sculpture garden and lots of local small business.

Paints, portfolios, pens, paper, art supplies, art books, sunlight, color and and trinkets fill my space and mind with energy and creativity. I love being surrounded by small bits of imagery that really inspire me, mainly artifacts I've found or sketched. I created an inspiration wall that speaks to me when I am leaning back, looking away from the computer screen, and pondering thoughts and ideas.

Art, People and Space, my favorite combination for work and play.



As an artist, I choose imagery that speaks of growth, transformation and vitality in life. I often use nature as a metaphor when exploring these themes, such as a bird in flight, a shining sun, or a flower in bloom. The finished compositions combine nature symbology with elaborate line work, layers, textures, patterns and colors.

My hope is to share a brief moment of awe and joy with those who experience the work, causing them to smile. I believe this is one of the most powerful responses to creativity and enhances our daily lives beyond measure.

I understand that all art projects take a level of design and implementation that I enjoy embracing. I have been working as an assignment illustrator for the last 10 years and understand the process of creative development, collaboration and meeting deadlines in a professional manner. I enjoy working diligently to create a special piece of art that gives each viewer a sense of pride and ownership in their community. It is an honor and privilege to make a beautiful piece of art and use my artistic abilities to create positive, memorable experiences for others.