I have several books in my library by the American illustrator, John Rombola. I first discovered his wacky drawings at a used book store years ago and have since referenced his work as inspiration for my own art. Rombola illustrated for magazines in the 1960’s and he really loved details, playfulness, lines and patterns. HIs illustrations remind me a little bit of Dr. Suess, but his work is more an expression of culture and society in his time. In the book Rombola by Rombola, Irwin Glusker writes “Whether he is at the bull fights, the horse show, the opera, the circus, whether he is in the world of fashion, at the art galleries, or the ballet, Rombola is able to capture the hilarity of it all.” Details and a sense of's amazing what a pen in the hand of an artist can do...I know it’s tough to notice all the details around us, all the time, but what small details can you notice today, that can inspire you in some way?