I’ve been considering how great it is to live in a city that loves creating new cultural activities, festivals, and opportunities for visual artists. The mayor has allocated funds to each of Chicago’s 50 neighborhoods specifically for public art-related community projects. The Wabash Arts Corridor has added over 30 murals to a few city blocks and is host to Big Walls in September, a super hip public street art-making festival.

Public art is one of the ways many people connect to a space. It can drive tourism to a location and it can give people a sense of pride and ownership in the communities in which they live. More and more I see cities implementing public art initiatives to bring hope and energy to people and places that have been neglected or forgotten. What I love about public art is that it’s all free, it’s available to anyone and it can become a voice and a connector for a community.

In our world today, where we photograph ourselves with things that inspire us and show others that we are experiencing life, Public Art is certainly becoming one of the most important ways of connecting people to places. What is it that compels a person stand in front of a giant mural with their friends or take millions of photos at Chicago’s Cloud Gate scupture. (otherwise known as “The Bean”) It’s Art! And it's calling to us to interact, to look closer, to delight in it’s existence. It’s the photograph of the art that connects us to time and place. It may seem like just a backdrop, but it is the celebration of creativity as a meaningful moment and it’s worth sharing. 
Public Art can give a city an identity and connect the outsiders and the insiders. 

I am working on a collection of images for the "Year of Public Art" focusing on the idea of “Opening your Eyes" to the artistic world around you. Here’s a few of the images from the new collection I am creating which I'm planning to turn into posters, T-shirts and banners.

Which one is your favorite?


My favorite mid-century designer, Alexander Girard travelled all over the world, collecting textiles and folk art. He created products reflecting his love of festive colors, patterns and textures. He favored abstract and geometric forms, typically featuring a cheerful palette and he often personified inanimate objects. What folk art objects are in your home that reflect your ethnic or family heritage?


I have several books in my library by the American illustrator, John Rombola. I first discovered his wacky drawings at a used book store years ago and have since referenced his work as inspiration for my own art. Rombola illustrated for magazines in the 1960’s and he really loved details, playfulness, lines and patterns. HIs illustrations remind me a little bit of Dr. Suess, but his work is more an expression of culture and society in his time. In the book Rombola by Rombola, Irwin Glusker writes “Whether he is at the bull fights, the horse show, the opera, the circus, whether he is in the world of fashion, at the art galleries, or the ballet, Rombola is able to capture the hilarity of it all.” Details and a sense of's amazing what a pen in the hand of an artist can do...I know it’s tough to notice all the details around us, all the time, but what small details can you notice today, that can inspire you in some way?

HELLO 2017!

Well, Another year has passed by. I am looking forward to a new start in January, a new year filled with art, friendship, good conversations and good people! I'm not quite sure what this year will hold, but I always enjoy a new beginning and the hope that goes with it. Here's a nice "Goodbye" to 2016 and a welcoming "Hello" to 2017! What are you looking forward to in 2017?


Why are birds so wonderful? Visually, they are one of my favorite things to draw, somehow they are able to represent so many different emotions...I thought it would be fun to post my favorite holiday birds...a partridge and a cardinal...both so cheery and seasonal! ....and let me know if you're in need of any bird illustrations...


Happy December 1st! Last year I got hooked on making one-of-kind hand-drawn's a few from the collection....Let the Holiday Art making begin! This month, I'm going to be posting some of my favorite holiday art I've created for clients and friends over the years...