Positive. Purposeful. Transformative.

Created for a specific space and purpose, each design is packed with layers of nature-inspired imagery, positive messaging and bountiful color. I collaborate with your team, align with your mission and develop site-specific large-scale art that aligns with your brand story, inspires good energy, and links people together. 

  • Large Scale Wall Graphics
  • Exhibit Design
  • Mural Design & Implementation
  • Educational Environments
  • Public Interiors


                                                            Captivating. Collaborative. Fun.                

People are curious and amazed when they see art being created before their eyes. A live art experience draws a crowd. It becomes a chance for attendees to watch an amazing work of art unfold or work side by side with me on a masterpiece. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn and feel how art and design can transform any moment.

  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Special Event Art Experiences
  • Live Painting Performances
  • Collaborative Art Projects
  • Art Educational Workshops


Delightful. Detailed. Vibrant.

Original illustration, or a series of illustrations, is a multi-layered experience in purpose, attraction, depth and delight. Finely detailed and designed, each illustration is created specifically for its media and its audience.  Colorful, whimsical characters, symbols and patterns – these combinations energize everything that I create.

  • Vector Illustrations
  • Character Development
  • Original Icons, Patterns & Motifs
  • Custom Hand-Lettering
  • Color & Pattern Style Guides
  • Corporate Brands
  • Educational Brands
  • Non-Profits