Cultivating Harmony Mural

Exterior Mural: 140ft x 36ft x 16ft

Chicago's Year of Public Art

Location: Green Element Resale: 6241 N. Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60660

The City of Chicago has designated 2017 as the Year of Public Art. Each neighborhood in Chicago was given additional funding to support artists creating new murals and sculptures for the Public to enjoy. The Edgewater neighborhood selected my work and connected me with Green Element Resale to participate in this initiative. This is Edgewater’s first mural installation. My goal is to create artwork that awakens each viewer to the delight and diversity in the world around them and activate the space around the mural.

 The Edgewater neighborhood is full of people from many cultures and corners of the world. They have a successful “green spaces” program to bring life to the neighborhood using plants and gardens. They are a community devoted to caring about people, joy and thriving. Green element Resale is a unique business in the area, collecting and providing used clothing, furniture and objects that help sustain the environment and help countless people in many different circumstances. They foster a resale culture that works towards making the world a healthier place. 

For this mural project, I set out to weave together multiple narratives. In thinking about the Edgewater Community and what is already at work, I wanted to align with their mission of making the neighborhood more “living" using nature-inspired imagery. After meeting the team at Green Element Resale, I wanted to represent cultivation and growing, which aligned with their vision, leadership and mission. I was interested in creating a mural that represented a sense of “nurturing” because both the Edgewater Chamber and Green Element provide and care for their community in unique ways, this seemed fitting. Finally, on a more personal note, I was thinking about my own Mother and her desire for beauty and harmony. I love it that art can have multiple narratives. My hope is that this work will trigger a meaningful memory or moment of delight for those who pass by.

  1. Artists: Jonathan Morgan, Carolyn Merilus, Elta Marquez, Qian Ma
  2. Special Thanks: Edgewater Chamber of Commerce& Green Element Resale
  3. Video Editing: Danny Alvarado
Photo Credit:  Grace Noelle Photography